KRC is closed for the winter from January 15 through March 15 each year.

Those making reservations to attend the KUC Conference in August 2019, we will confirm whether or not we have availability by email in April. Please indicate in the comment section of your reservation application that you are reserving for the KUC Conference.

Before submitting your reservation, please confirm the availability of your preferred cabin using the calendar below.


Above, you can see our calendar that records all of our cabin reservations. If the cabin you desire is already on the calendar the night you hope to visit, unfortunately, that means it is not available that night. If your desired cabin is not listed on the nights you intend to visit, it is probably available (exceptions include reservations submitted today that haven't been entered yet).

Here is a list of all of the cabins and their associated calendar colors.

Cabin color chart

Calendar dropdown menu To avoid confusion, you can "hide" the reservations of cabins which don't interest you. To do this, you can select or deselect the cabins in question through the cabin dropdown menu on the top right side of the calendar. Uncheck a cabin to hide it from view. We recommend this option for those who wish to compare the schedules of two or more cabins.

Alternatively, you can go to the cabins page and click the "Availability" button next to your preferred cabin. We recommend this option for those who have a specific cabin in mind.

To view dates outside of this month, you can use the calendar navigations buttons (the blue buttons with white arrows) to move back or forward. Alternatively, click the down arrow by the month/year title to view a mini calendar, with which you can skip far ahead via the side arrows before selecting your preferred date. To return to the current month, click the white "Today" button.

Calendar navigation Mini calendar

If there are five or more cabins reserved on the same night, you might see a link that says "+1 more" (or an even higher number). Click this link to view all cabins reserved on that night. However, if you deselect the cabins you are not interested in comparing via the cabin dropdown menu mentioned above, you probably won't see this link.

Again, please confirm the availability of your preferred cabin before you submit a reservation. If you have any questions, please write to us at krc@teamjapan.org and we will do our best to assist you.

Thank you for considering KRC for your next retreat!